Nerves? Nah…

One week to go and I think the nerves are finally starting to kick in. Everyone has different ways of displaying the jitters, and I’m no different, though externally I may seem calm. The most common form of nerves I am a witness to at home are the loud ones. Getting snappy, shaky and sarcastic. Contrary to the other females in my family, I tend to have a more quiet approach to nerves.

I obsess. Particularly organisational obsessive behaviour.It’s the week leading up to my departure and I’ve been spending all my spare time looking up packing and travel tips, budgeting tips, what to do in the cities I’m visiting, itinerary makers and so on. It probably doesn’t help my nerves, but hey, knowledge is power right? Better to be aware than caught unawares.

But enough philosophy. My bags are (almost) packed, my paperwork is printed, and my checklist is down to four items – you don’t want to know how many there were before! I only have some final things to get done (washing) and then I’ll be off…

6 days to go!



8 thoughts on “Nerves? Nah…

  1. Hi~! Oh my gosh, this is so ironic!

    So, I just thought to make a blog to document my pre-, during, and post-MA adventures (which will start this year), and I’d been holding on to THIS very title for my blog–one that you managed to beat me to by I-don’t-know-how-many-hours?

    I find it pretty interesting that we had the exact same idea–to start a blog AND to use this as a title no less–and that we’re both going to be students abroad–AND in Europe! Although my MA still starts later in the year (fall semester), and I’ll be in Italy, but yeah. Still cool!

    So, because I can’t get over that you “stole” my title–haha! xD–I thought I’d say hi~! And lots of luck with your trip and studies! I’m so excited for you! šŸ˜€ (And I think I might follow your blog as well. :D) In the meantime, I’m going to go think of another title for my blog now. Haha!



    • Aaaaaand… I could not think of anything else to rename my blog. TT___TT This is what happens when you spend a whole day making it “just right” and not just going straight with your gut. -___-

      Would you mind terribly if we twinnie on the blog name? >___< (Just to clarify, the blog name is the same, but my blog url is "".)


    • Oh my, I’m so sorry!!! I just thought it would be clever since I’m going to be studying in the opposite season and it would be funny but I had no idea that someone else would be thinking the same as me! Good luck with your studies as well! What area is your MA in? šŸ™‚ ~Tash


      • Ooh sounds interesting! Iā€™m going for a short course, an intensive German language and culture course as part of my B Arts. Iā€™m majoring in German (obviously) and linguistics, so it should be good!


      • Oooh! I graduated a BA in Linguistics and took up a few classes of German as well, though I’ve never been to Germany. Good luck with your course! And enjoy Germany! šŸ˜€ Maybe you can give me tips on good places to go over there when I travel as well? ;P


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