So Close, Yet So Far

Every hour that it gets closer to my departure date, it feels as if time is slowing! The days are longer – though the fact that it’s summer and the days are long in general probably doesn’t help – and I seem to be simultaneously running out of things to do, and having too many.

My revised list has 8 things on it, things I should finish before I get on a plane, but I am consistently finding other things to do. Instead of sewing a skirt I started making last week, I’ve been crocheting a laptop sleeve for my sister; instead of printing documents required I’ve been reading and writing blogs.I can only imagine the next few days will get worse… I mean, there’s only so many times I can pack my bags before even I think it’s a little overboard. I guess all I can do is as much as I can, and spend as much time with my family before I depart. After all, I will miss them, no matter how much they say I’ll be having too much fun to think about them! All I can do is wait… and I hate waiting!

3 days to go!


2 thoughts on “So Close, Yet So Far

  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from! I have that feeling too–that there are so many things I should do before leaving, but I’ve been procrastinating instead. xP Also, that worry that you’ll forget something, or you’ve packed too much, or just general pre-trip anxieties… I think they’re normal. 🙂 Don’t worry about it, and just have fun~ Enjoy that pre-trip adrenaline, and yes! Spend time with your family and friends before you go. 🙂

    So excited for you~! 😀


    • It seems that the more I travel, the more paranoid I get about forgetting stuff… I really shouldn’t, and I know I don’t have to worry, but I can’t help it! But thank you!!! 🙂


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