One More Day!


“Someday, I’ll fly away…” More like tomorrow! Less than 24 hours until I’ll be at the airport with my mum and sister (Dad sadly couldn’t come due to work, but such is life), off on an adventure I’ve been looking forward to for many months. Even before I started university I yearned to study overseas, and finally I have the chance to do so!Today was a lovely, relaxed day. I still haven’t finished Sherrie’s laptop sleeve – I’ll probably hand it to her as we arrive at the airport! I spent the early hours at the pool and grocery shopping with Mum, played (and won) Carcassonne against Sherrie, and finished off the evening with a family movie. Quiet, but full of laughs and fun. I’ll miss my family while I’m gone, and I guess what makes it so easy to leave is knowing I’ll see them again! It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

1 day left!


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