Dubai-Paris: That Amazing Feeling When…

…When you finally get to have a proper shower after travelling for 2 days straight. Seriously, nothing beats feeling the grime of the past forty or so hours disappearing as you can finally relax and not feel/smell like the living dead. Or the realisation that you did actually bruise yourself when you landed on the armrest on your flight to Qatar, and the evidence is a lovely tennis ball sized black bruise on your hip. No wonder sitting hurts!

It is currently 8:53am here in Paris, and I have to leave in about an hour to get to my train. I was going to attempt to get a little sightseeing done, but I simply won’t have time, and with the weather as it is, I wont have the daylight! It is still quite dark outside, and extremely overcast, so I think that I’ll just head straight to the train. After all, better to be there early than to miss my train! So with my plans cancelled, I now have time to do what I couldn’t last night; tell you of my journey to Paris!I left you a few hours before my flight to Paris, which was longer than expected! The gate opened later than I was expecting, and boarding even later still. We were informed as to why when we finally boarded; one of the runways was closed for maintenance, and while that was delaying everything, our catering was also behind schedule. With that combination, we were late to board, late to take off (we only had to wait for an hour, it could have been worse!), and late to land. It was a pleasant flight, with the exception of a French couple fighting and causing the flight staff some grief. By the faces of the French pair next to me, I didn’t want to understand what they were saying!

Speaking of the French, while waiting for my flight, I had a gentle start rapidly speaking to me in French, and I felt so bad when, after comprehending nothing, I had to tell him that I don’t in fact speak French, and unlike about 90% of passengers on my flight, I don’t speak their fine language! It was quite amusing, as only hours earlier I had been asked if I was German. And when I helped a trio of Spaniards with the Metro, I was asked if I lived here. In Paris… It’s good to know I look European enough to not be taken as a tourist!

But the ticket machines to get the train from the airport to Paris… I don’t think I’ve dealt with systems that laggy since my old Mac, which would easily take between 10-15 minutes to turn on. but after much patience I finally got my ticket, and arrived at the platform just in time for a train to arrive. About half an hour later and way too many stairs, I finally arrived at my hostel. It’s a cute little place, and some French language skills wouldn’t hurt, but I got by, paid for my room and finally got to sleep in a bed!

Which brings me to now. I’ve had breakfast, tea, and as soon as I repack my bag, I will be ready to go! My next update will be from Stuttgart, Germany. My new home for six weeks!

See you soon x


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