Bringing Blogging Back!

Hey everyone!

As it is only two days before I leave for Japan, I thought I might refresh my blog and get it ready for my next great adventure! I’m off to Tokyo for the Christadelphian Bible Week and some exploring, then continuing to Harbin for a short study stint.

This is my first time going to Japan, and boy am I excited! As a lover of manga and anime (Japanese comics and animated TV shows), I am super keen to finally get to explore the capital myself. I’ll only be there for a week and a bit, so I won’t be travelling too far outside of Tokyo – disappointing, but it gives me an excuse to come back! But expect a lot of photos of shrines, temples, streets and maybe even me in a yukata? We’ll see!

In Harbin, I’ll be doing a bit of study to get credit for my degree (final year, yes!) and exploring on weekends. While I’m glad to be travelling in summer, I’m a bit disappointed to be missing the famous Ice Festival during winter… Next time…

But for now, I have a major assignment to finish off… Maybe booking flights for the morning after my last assignment is due wasn’t so smart an idea!



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