Adventure in Akihabara


So today was a prime example of the fact, that just because you leave Australia, does not mean you leave the spiders behind… Unfortunately! I have slayed three of the evil things today, one of which had joined me in bed! So after that lovely start to the day, I enjoyed a quiet breakfast and hot shower, then our day began!

We had two interesting talks this morning, one on the birth of Moses and the other on Nicodemus, two fascinating people in the Bible. After the talks was lunch, which we decided to get after we arrived at our destination for the afternoon; Akihabara! Known as the electronics town and home of all things anime and manga, Akihabara is a busy place full of all sorts of fascinating things! We passed a cheese tart shop, many many anime stores, some legitimate and slightly less legitamate electronics stores, and many girls in maid costumes, advertising maid cafes. But following our resident Sydneysider (armed with Google Maps), we managed to find this tiny but amazing ramen restaurant for lunch!

As you step in, there’s what looks like a vending machine on the right, with a menu book accompanying it. This is where you order your food, then give the little ticket it spits out to the owner and she’ll give the order to the chef! The wait was short, and before long we were digging in to some delicious food. I had a shoyu (soy sauce) broth ramen with bamboo shoots, nori, pork and some greenery I ate too fast to identify! The side dish of rice helped with the saltiness of the ramen, but overall it was super yummy.

On departure from the ramen shop, one of our party wanted a drink, and luckily there was a vending machine not too far away! After putting in his money, he had just decided on a drink, when another of our party (who had been catching up to us) suddenly appeared and smacked one of the drink option buttons! He hadn’t expected anything to come out of the machine, but luckily it was what our thirsty friend was planning on getting anyway!

After returning to the main shopping district, a few electronic necessities were purchased, as well as some souvenirs. We discovered that Americans truly do need sugar in everything, and as we were sitting down to eat our crepes (because walking while eating is rude here), a couple of incredibly cute and fluffy looking things appeared nearby. Among all the maid and cat cafe’s being advertised was a single owl cafe with an incredible marketing strategy! Two girls had brought an owl each with them outside (restrained, of course) and were allowing people to pet them and take photos with them! They were incredibly soft, and the lighter brown of the two was so well behaved. The darker one was still a baby, but it would only occasionally get restless, and if you look closely at the picture below, you can see one of our party taking a selfie with the owl!

When we could finally drag ourselves away from the owls, a bit more shopping and exploring was done (including scouting out a retro games store, a ginger museum, and a shooting cafe… there’s something for everyone!) before we had to return home for dinner. Travelling through peak hour was an experience, but luckily most of us got seats before the worst of the crowd – a fact my very sore feet and legs were grateful for!

Dinner in itself was amazing! Darius (our cook for the week) concocted a mazzive curry, with naan and rice and salad and it tasted as good as it looked! Especially considering the curry wasn’t a meat curry, but a vegetable one. This was followed by an egg tart with caramelised honey on top, which was quickly gobbled down. This was followed by the readings, after which the dishes were done, the older folk went to bed, and us younger one were left to our own devices… so what do we do? Pull out the go board, google some rules and give it a go! It was a close match, but I conceded the win to my opponent, who had read slightly more of the rules than I had! After this, we stumbled to bed, ready to tackle Yokohama the following day.



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