Dusting off the Passport

5:52am (ACST)…

I’ve been at the airport for almost an hour now, with most of that waiting to check in. Apparently some people have been having passport issues this morning, holding up the works… On the plus side, security took about a minute to zip through! Probably the shortest time I’ve ever spent in airport security. The only problem was I was left with plenty of time before boarding my plane, so I stopped by Muffin Break (best idea ever, thanks Adelaide Airport!) and almost cried with happiness; they had a fresh batch of gluten free banana choc chip muffins, I was so happy I almost bought two!

As I’m writing this, there’s maybe 6 or 7 other people at my gate, so it should a quiet first flight. I’m off to Melbourne first, then rushing through customs and switching terminals to get on my flight to Narita. I’m excited to get on the plane so I can try and sleep, apparently excitement mixed with stressing over having everything organised is not as conducive to a good night’s sleep as I hoped. 

I’m planning on adding to this post in Melbourne – if I have time – but if not, I’ll be in Japan by the time you read this!
8:50am (AEST)

Just power walked from one end of the domestic terminal to almost the opposite end of the international terminal at Melbourne airport! Automated passport checks do make life a lot easier though, and once again security was pretty fast. None of the water fountains are working, so I’ve had to buy a second bottle of water – a waste of money and plastic, but at least it’s cold! I’m waiting for the boarding call at the time of writing, and after getting a row to myself on the flight from Adelaide, I’m not looking forward to a potentially cramped trip…

But I’m almost there! Only 10 hours to go!



Perth-Dubai: 2 Out Of 20 Ain’t Bad…

As the title may infer, in the past 20 or so hours I have had a total of 2, restless hours of sleep. Which is better than the last time I flew red-eye; a total of 50+ travelling hours ended in ne only getting one hour of sleep under my belt… Suffice to say I was a tad tired when we got home from tour in 2013!

At time of writing, it is 11am in Dubai, and a sunny 20 degrees Celsius. I have so far succeeded in not getting lost changing terminals, watched a poor man get stuck at the facial recognition passport scanning point for at least ten minutes, Skyped the family with questionable success, and eaten an almond croissant larger than my face (I kid you not). But let me start with last night’s flight in detail. Continue reading

Off I Go!

Finally the day has come! I’m writing this post from Perth airport, where I have an unreasonable wait of 7 hours (at time of writing) until my boarding call. Unfortunately, because of the check-in not opening for another 4 hours, I’m stuck on this side of customs… Though I am luggage free, thanks to connecting flights! So unlike all the other poor souls waiting for hours until check-in, I don’t have to worry about my 17kg bag; just my valuables.

The saving grace of Perth Airport at the moment is that their Hudson’s has achieved something the one at home hasn’t… It has discovered lactose free milk! So even though I couldn’t have the complimentary snacks on the plane (sorry for my food intolerance’s, Virgin!), I can now have a guilt free iced coffee! After all, it is way too hot for a hot coffee – Perth is a lovely 41 degrees Celsius at the moment… Not fun!

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