Off I Go!

Finally the day has come! I’m writing this post from Perth airport, where I have an unreasonable wait of 7 hours (at time of writing) until my boarding call. Unfortunately, because of the check-in not opening for another 4 hours, I’m stuck on this side of customs… Though I am luggage free, thanks to connecting flights! So unlike all the other poor souls waiting for hours until check-in, I don’t have to worry about my 17kg bag; just my valuables.

The saving grace of Perth Airport at the moment is that their Hudson’s has achieved something the one at home hasn’t… It has discovered lactose free milk! So even though I couldn’t have the complimentary snacks on the plane (sorry for my food intolerance’s, Virgin!), I can now have a guilt free iced coffee! After all, it is way too hot for a hot coffee – Perth is a lovely 41 degrees Celsius at the moment… Not fun!

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