Dubai-Paris: That Amazing Feeling When…

…When you finally get to have a proper shower after travelling for 2 days straight. Seriously, nothing beats feeling the grime of the past forty or so hours disappearing as you can finally relax and not feel/smell like the living dead. Or the realisation that you did actually bruise yourself when you landed on the armrest on your flight to Qatar, and the evidence is a lovely tennis ball sized black bruise on your hip. No wonder sitting hurts!

It is currently 8:53am here in Paris, and I have to leave in about an hour to get to my train. I was going to attempt to get a little sightseeing done, but I simply won’t have time, and with the weather as it is, I wont have the daylight! It is still quite dark outside, and extremely overcast, so I think that I’ll just head straight to the train. After all, better to be there early than to miss my train! So with my plans cancelled, I now have time to do what I couldn’t last night; tell you of my journey to Paris! Continue reading


Perth-Dubai: 2 Out Of 20 Ain’t Bad…

As the title may infer, in the past 20 or so hours I have had a total of 2, restless hours of sleep. Which is better than the last time I flew red-eye; a total of 50+ travelling hours ended in ne only getting one hour of sleep under my belt… Suffice to say I was a tad tired when we got home from tour in 2013!

At time of writing, it is 11am in Dubai, and a sunny 20 degrees Celsius. I have so far succeeded in not getting lost changing terminals, watched a poor man get stuck at the facial recognition passport scanning point for at least ten minutes, Skyped the family with questionable success, and eaten an almond croissant larger than my face (I kid you not). But let me start with last night’s flight in detail. Continue reading