Intersections and Interruptions

So much has happened over the past few days, and I cant really write about it at all. So I’m going to do something a bit different… have a brief intro then a picture blog. I take a lot of pictures of random things, so it helps when I decide to do things like this! Each photo will have a caption below it. The next few days should calm down again, which will be nice after the hectic rush of the past days! So here goes.


Today we went to Asakusa, Harajuku and Shibuya after our morning classes. I bought a kimono in Asakusa, spending more than I originally wanted to, but it was totally worth it! I should have photos on Saturday or Sunday of it. Harajuku was not what I was expecting, but still an experience worth repeating! And Shibuya… not a place to go if you’re bad with crowds! And I thought the train home was bad today, but Friday’s was worse… super cosy is an understatement. We managed to get in some karaoke after an interesting talk on Bible mission work in the Caribbean, and boy was it crazy! Over a fantastic but tiring day.

A bike park near our accomodation.


…Tanuki totem pole, anyone?

Playing spot the shrine in the city.

Main street in Harajuku (sorry for dodgy quality pic)

Other end of the street, featuring photographer-san.

Selfies at Shibuya Scramble! (Like all the other tourists)

Hachiko, the most famous pup in all of Japan.


Today was a long day. After our classes in the morning, we popped out for some sushi for lunch – an excellent decision! Then we went back for our afternoon briefing, in which we were to do some “pen-fleting”… like pamphleting but with pens! We got taught the basic Japanese phrase to use, go split into groups and off we went! Unfortunately our location had lots of tourists, and the website we were advertising was in Japanese… but we had a good time! Then we all met in Yoyogi Park and sang for a bit, the first for the week other than the karaoke last night. Riding the packed train home was not so fun, I was practically being crushed against the doors by some guys over 6ft tall. So not fair… but bringimg back the karaoke after dinner was so worth it! We went to a different place, pricier but nicer, and it was even better than last night.

The sushi “train” 😮

After sushi.

Apparently the spiders like Yoyogi Park!

Feeling the sardine vibe…

Having just a bit of fun!

Really getting into the Elvis songs.