Taking Time to Smell the Roses


Morning walk

So this morning I woke up quite early, and decided a walk would be in order. On my explorations down the main shopping street near our accommodation, I discovered the entrance to a shrine, so of course I had to explore! It was a pretty little shrine, only I met an unexpected friend… I saw a little snake! The presumption is that he belongs to the shrine, because it’s extremely rare to find a random snake in the city.

 On return to the house and after breakfast was had, us girls decided to get ready for our breaking of bread, which meant it was time to get our kimono and yukata on! It took a couple of tries, but we finally got my obi to work, and we went downstairs to show off. Everyone loved them! After our meeting we headed off to Shinjuku Gyoen. It cost us $2 to get in, but it was so beautiful! There were so many flowers, trees, so much grass, and it didn’t feel like we were still in the middle of Tokyo. We had a couple of locals say we looked cute in our yukata/kimono, and a few wanted to even take photos with us! It was so surreal.

We finished the day with yet again more karaoke, which was so much fun!


This morning we were moving back to the first house, so the morning was spent packing and cleaning up our current accomodation. At lunch time the owner of the house arrived and took us to am amazing little curry restaurant, which served all you can eat curry! And we got to try some berries straight off the tree on the way!

After we moved back to the apartment, we explored the local shopping mall, then moved on to Shinjuku and Shibuya again! We saw a really fantastic beatboxer busking in Shibuya, and explored a massive shopping centre in Shinjuku.